Custom workflow with commerce 2

by christophe Natale   Last Updated March 15, 2019 11:07 AM

I need to create a shop with the commerce module to generate memberships. A user on behalf of a company must be able to order multiple memberships for different people.

I need to know your opinion on how to create these users when payment is made. I think to propose during the tunnel of purchase a form which according to the quantity of adhesion in the basket proposes to the buyer to inform name, first name and mail of the future members.

If 3 members in the basket there will be 3 forms to fill. When the payment is validated, the user accounts are automatically created and an email must be sent to each member to warn them of this membership and especially to ask them to fill out their profile on their account.

On the site is install webform module, do you think it is interesting to retrieve the account information by inserting a webform inside the workflow?

Does this seem relevant to you?

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