crontab -e content disappears and Mac crashes after updates that did not really happen

by gstlouis   Last Updated July 11, 2019 20:12 PM

I have a macbook pro I have been putting some rsync's in crontab -e and trying to get it working but stopped because I needed to create ssh keys to pass the asking for password. I gave up, got busy but then today I decided to get it working by doing.

I could see my command lines in the crontab -e along with the normal cron comments etc.

I then added my edited commands. Something a long the lines of: 0 7 * * * user rsync -avz --delete --stats /stuff/to/backup "ssh -i /path/to/key" /backup/destination

anyways after I do this I change the time to minutes ahead to see if this works. I leave my station and I come back type in crontab -e and the file is completely empty WTF?

just to add salt to the wound I reboot kind of hoping I'm hallucinating, then my mac says it cannot boot after doing and update. WT holy F? I haven't done an update in weeks to over a month and I have removed automatic updates checkmark

20 reboots, cmd+R and safe mode blah blah finally creating another profile is what got me out of the cycle and once booted back I was able to get back to my profile.

anyways back in my crontab -e and it is empty. What a day.

Any ideas? And is there any way to regenerate this file? I want to throw this Mac out the window but it cost me too much money.

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