Creating a Linux (or Minecraft) Macro that would change the seed number or world file to a random number and start the server

by TheSnipeKiller   Last Updated May 07, 2019 17:02 PM

I am new to Linux so any help is good help. I am trying to make a Minecraft Hardcore server for me and friends, where once you die, you are dead and can only spectate, but that is not what I need help with. I want to try to find a command or macro on either Linux or minecraft itself to go in to the properties file, change the seed to a random number, and start up the server again (a nice feature would also be to turn off the server first, but I can do that if I need to) The whole idea of this is so it is like a one life server, but the map changes every time we all die. I asked this on Arqade and they helped some, saying to change the world file instead of the seed, but they said the help I needed would not be gaming help. I don't need a trigger to be used, that would be nice, but I can also send a command. In reality, I could change the world my self, but any automation would make it faster, easier, and keep us going. Any help would be awesome. Thank you.

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