Create 2nd UI Window for Qgis 3.0 Plugin

by Valentin   Last Updated November 05, 2018 21:22 PM

I have built a Qgis 3.0 Plugin which was created by QGIS Plugin Builder. The Plugin has two separate options which work perfectly (see Figure).

Figure 1: Two Options for the plugin

However, I want to attach two completely separate UIs for the two options. For the first one I already used the .ui file from the Skeleton, created by the Plugin Builder.

My Question is now: How can I create a second UI Window for the second option. It should only show two QFileDialog Items where the user can select two import directories and a run-Button.

I assume I must edit the parent attribute in the initGui method and set up another .ui instance?

For completeness a code snippet from my initGui method:

def initGui(self):
    """Create the menu entries and toolbar icons inside the QGIS GUI."""

    export_icon = ':/plugins/export_rf3d/export.png'
        export_icon,'Export vector files to rockyfor3d ascii files'),,

    """Import rf3d generated files and style them"""
    import_icon = ':/plugins/export_rf3d/import.png'
        import_icon,'Import Files from rockyfor3D output directory'),

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