configuration.php unwritable when permission is 0644 but writable when 0664

by shenkwen   Last Updated May 11, 2019 22:10 PM

My Joomla is 3.9.4. When I tried to make some global configuration change in the backend, I got this error:

Could not write to the configuration file.

I looked at the file system, configuration.php has the right owner and is set to 0644, and I can make changes to it via FTP.

I then tried setting the permission to 0777, it is writable; then I tried 0666 and 0664 and it is also good.

Only when I set it to 0644 do I get the above error. I've never encountered this kind of problem before. I suspect it is something wrong with my server(I host the website on a VPS on linode), but I couldn't figure out.

What could possibly be wrong?

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