Compressing textures and meshes for real time 3D vizualisation in WebGL?

by Arthur Blaquart   Last Updated October 09, 2019 13:15 PM

I'm working with someone who developped a webGL application for 3D vizualisation, and we want to do a bit of a test with an object to see if it all works. Problem is he asked for 3Mo of data maximum, this seems insane for me since we are doing PBR, so just a normal map at 4k (or even 2k) is well above 3Mo. The mesh itself with only 30k faces sits at almost 3Mo in .fbx. I've already compressed all my textures (except normals) to jpg and downscaled them when I thought it made sense (Metallic mapping and AO doesn't require a lot of data for example, so they are at 512p and 1024p respectively). What else can I do? 2k textures are just not enough for this model. Also is 3Mo max limit for WebGL extremely unrealistic or common practice? I have 0 experience in web dev.

Thanks :)

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