Colour Temperature :/

by Emma   Last Updated May 15, 2019 04:18 AM

I have this photo where part of it is funnily colour imbalanced. I took some product shots under couple of 5500K lights. Part of the product was navy blue and it is appearing as black in the raw files. Now I could bring this back to navy blue by just turning the color temperature slider down a little bit in lightroom but this imbalances the rest of the products and the entire image because they are completely colour corrected. Can someone explain why a partial image might have an out of whack colour temperature and rest of the image is fine? Before someone says,I always make sure the colour balance in the camera is set correctly. Also for now, I have used the adjustment brush to colour correct part of the image but I am more interested in to why this actually happened and if there is any in-camera or lighting solution to this. Thank you.

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