colortbl is ignoring \\[] in tabular (MiKTeX, Windows 7)

by rhody   Last Updated January 28, 2019 03:23 AM

In the following sample code, the 10pt row separation is ignored if I use the colortbl package. I know this has been an issue and was reported last year and apparently it was fixed. I am running MiKTeX with the latest updates. My version of colortbl is 1.0d Tue Dec 18 13:34:14 2018. I also did a full update of Miktex to make sure I had the latest packages. Are there any other packages, other than colortbl, I need to make sure that are fully updated?




3.4 \\[10pt]
5.6 \\[10pt]
7.8 \\[10pt]


With colortbl:

enter image description here

Without colortbl

enter image description here

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Answers 1

Figure it out after getting the following error on my full project file after I updated everything: "Use of @startpbox doesn't match its definition.” and going to:

"Use of \@startpbox doesn't match its definition." Error on a Table

The solution is to do MiKTeX updates in administrator and user modes. The MiKTeX console lets you select user or admin mode. Select each in turn and install updates.

January 28, 2019 02:53 AM

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