Clipping results show a GMT error

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I've been trying to use the clipper tool in QGIS 2.18.0. However the following error message pops up;

Output driver `GMT' not recognised or does not support
direct output file creation. The following format drivers are configured
and support direct output:
GeoRaster: Oracle Spatial GeoRaster
VRT: Virtual Raster
GTiff: GeoTIFF
NITF: National Imagery Transmission Format
HFA: Erdas Imagine Images (.img)
MEM: In Memory Raster
BMP: MS Windows Device Independent Bitmap
PCIDSK: PCIDSK Database File
PCRaster: PCRaster Raster File
SGI: SGI Image File Format 1.0
Leveller: Leveller heightfield
Terragen: Terragen heightfield
netCDF: Network Common Data Format
HDF4Image: HDF4 Dataset
ISIS2: USGS Astrogeology ISIS cube (Version 2)
ERS: ERMapper .ers Labelled
RMF: Raster Matrix Format
RST: Idrisi Raster A.1
INGR: Intergraph Raster
GSBG: Golden Software Binary Grid (.grd)
GS7BG: Golden Software 7 Binary Grid (.grd)
PDF: Geospatial PDF
MBTiles: MBTiles
MRF: Meta Raster Format
PNM: Portable Pixmap Format (netpbm)
PAux: PCI .aux Labelled
MFF: Vexcel MFF Raster
MFF2: Vexcel MFF2 (HKV) Raster
BT: VTP .bt (Binary Terrain) 1.3 Format
LAN: Erdas .LAN/.GIS
IDA: Image Data and Analysis
GTX: NOAA Vertical Datum .GTX
NTv2: NTv2 Datum Grid Shift
CTable2: CTable2 Datum Grid Shift
ENVI: ENVI .hdr Labelled
EHdr: ESRI .hdr Labelled
ISCE: ISCE raster
ADRG: ARC Digitized Raster Graphics
SAGA: SAGA GIS Binary Grid (.sdat)
DB2ODBC: IBM DB2 Spatial Database
GPKG: GeoPackage
  1. I'm saving all my data and layers in one folder.

  2. My layers are all in the same coordinate system.

  3. I also tried saving the points I want to interpolate as a shapefile first before clipping

  4. I've been using mask as the clipping mode

  5. I tried saving it as a .tif file and all the other recommended extensions in the error message but it still doesn't want to work.

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Answers 2

I ran into this same error when running Raster>Extraction>Clipper (QGIS 2.16.0). I just ended up modifying the gdalwarp script at the bottom of the dialog from "-of GMT" to "-of GTIFF" as shown in the screencapture.

enter image description here

December 29, 2016 20:52 PM

Thank you very much jheathharwood. It has helped me a lot.

June 29, 2017 14:20 PM

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