Chapters are nesting (appears as sections) within references in Table of Contents

by Thomasblindhardt   Last Updated May 16, 2019 05:23 AM

The title says it all.

Im a little confused on why this is happening and im blind to whats wrong. (dont mind the second appendix B, i've changed that to C) However, the appendix A is a subfile.tex with chapter*.

The appendix are un-numbered chapters*

This is document.tex (main)


\subfile{\main/app/app1}\label{sec:app1} % Appendix A 
\addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{\numberline{}Appendix A}

This is app1.tex:




\chapter*{\center{ {\large Appendix} {\Huge I}}}

\section{Stereotaxic surgery, drug delivery and head holder implantation}

Let me know if you need more from the main.tex however its very very looong

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