Changing opacity for KML layer fetched in Leaflet map

by Mariusz Krukar   Last Updated October 09, 2019 16:22 PM

Is it possible to change the opacity for the .kml file, that has been attached via leaflet-plugin?

Basically the plugin is here:

but after implementation into the Leaflet we have a full opaque image. It's fine for placemarks, but how about the icons/images included, which cover some box on the map?

My code looks like this:

var kml = fetch('Coventry.kml')
      .then( res => res.text() )
      .then( kmltext => {

            // Create new kml overlay
            parser = new DOMParser();
            kml = parser.parseFromString(kmltext,"text/xml");


            const track = new L.KML(kml)
            // Adjust map to show the kml
            const bounds = track.getBounds()
            map.fitBounds( bounds )

      $('#sldOpacity').on('change', function(){
kml.setStyle({opacity: this.value, fillOpacity: this.value});

whereas to the pure code straight from the leaflet-kml example I added up sth like: .setOpacity(0.6).addTo(map)

but isn't working.

The console states, that:

Uncaught TypeError: fetch(...).then(...).then(...).setOpacity is not a function at (index):143

I was also trying this example:

Change opacity using leaflet without plugin

but it didn't help me unfortunately

In the L.KML.js file I found a snip:

 var value = e.childNodes[0].nodeValue;
                if (key === 'color') {
                    options.opacity = parseInt(value.substring(50, 50), 16) / 255.0;
                    options.color = '#' + value.substring(6, 8) + 
value.substring(4, 6) + value.substring(2, 4);
                } else if (key === 'width') {,

where in value.substring I put 50 instead of 0. No result at all.

Is it some way to make this .kml layer more transparent?

enter image description here

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