Change autocomplete results based users selected checkbox

by Simon Song   Last Updated May 15, 2019 19:07 PM

I have a drupal 8 site that uses the paragraphs module. In one of the paragraph is a field that contains an autocomplete field. It is already set up to reference a small list of Content Types. For example, "News, Events, Product, Image" are four referenced for the autocomplete.

On another paragraph, it includes this autocomplete but also has a field called "Select a Content Type", it lists out ALL the content types. This is used on the content type. When someone adds a new content they are presented with a list of all the content types as a checkbox and the autocomplete field.

My goal is to only display the selected results from the "select a content type" field onto the autocomplete field.

So when a user selects a "news" / "events" / "Product" / "image" from the "Select a content type" field, the autocomplete only displays nodes of what was selected. If I select news then only news appears when I start entering data. If I select News and events, then both will show. If I select none then a custom message appears.

I have looked around and found how to overwrite getReferenceableEntities but I don't see a way to pass two variables: one from the checkbox field and the autocomplete entered value.

I suspect there will be JS involved to have the form send both checkbox and search value over but I don't know where to begin.

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