Ceiling Fan Box - 4 Romex (12/2 so 12 Wires) New Construction

by Bob Haskett   Last Updated April 15, 2019 06:21 AM

I had a detached garage built. The guy who ran the electrical is not available and I am having some trouble with how he ran the wiring for two ceiling fans in the loft area. There is one switch (single pole). There are two fans supposedly controlled by this switch. In one ceiling fan box, there are 4 romex coming in (all 12/2). Two line hot bundles (both same circuit), and two other bundles, one labeled FAN and one labeled LIGHT. In the other ceiling fan box, there are two romex. One labeled FAN and one labeled LIGHT (both 12/2 as well). The fans I intend to install do not have separate light/fan switches. They are on a remote and just have white/black/ground each. Any ideas on how this needs to be wired up? I am thrown off by the fact that one fan box has 2 line hots. I assume they are wired in series but not sure?

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