Canon 80d vs Canon m50

by Kakar   Last Updated July 11, 2019 16:18 PM

I was about to buy canon 80d, whoever, on further research I found out about canon m50. I would like to have a good video too, but I am not much concerned about that. I am more interested in photography.

What got me confused was the max shutter speed i.e., 1/8000s on 80d vs 1/4000s on m50. Also, with the ISO i.e., 100-16000 (100-25600) on 80d vs 100-25600 (100-51200) on m50.

Therefore, before I buy a new camera, could you please recommend which would be better with your experience in case of better dynamic range, low light performance, lenses, sports, etc. Or else if you could recommend a better camera on these price range ($800 - $1000).

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