Cannot assign drive letter to SD card partition

by Vandel212   Last Updated July 12, 2019 06:01 AM

I flashed a custom firmware to an SD card for a little hand held console called Bittboy Pocket Go. After flashing it, I tried using minitool partition to expand the partition and assign a letter. It successfully expands the drive, but it does not assign the letter. It says it is successful, but there is no letter, and windows does not see the drive even though it appears in the list. If I try to assign a letter with windows management, I get an error saying the operation failed because the disk managment console view is not up to date. I even tried restarting my PC. Still nothing.

How do I go about getting this to work? Without being able to see the drive I cannot move files to it.


I just learned that windows can only use the first partition on a drive so that is probably why windows cannot read the partitioned drive. How would I make it the first one?

Move Partitoin

Thank you

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