Can we raise awareness of unused votes?

by HedgeMage   Last Updated May 15, 2019 10:24 AM

A lot of stack sites (most? all?) aren't getting as many votes as I'd like to see them get. I don't want to drop a carrot in front of people that encourages them to give meaningless votes just to reach some threshold, but it would be nice to make voting habits more visible so that those of us who intend to vote more actually do.

How can we raise awareness for those who just need that mental post-it-note without annoying everybody?

I suggest we add a vote-o-meter (a small bar that fills up as votes are cast) in the header bar so that users can see how much of their daily vote allotment they have used. It may give those of us who want to develop better voting habits the visual nudge we need to remember to do it.

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I don't think users should be trying to run up to the limit of their number of votes for a given day. The number of vote limiter is in fact designed to prevent what your solution would lead to -- that is, indiscriminate voting. I'd much rather see users not voting all that much, but having their votes be carefully considered, than users just using votes to use all their votes for a day.

If a user doesn't cast as many votes, it's because they haven't seen enough things worth voting on, not that they don't know that they have more votes.

EDIT: Also note that similar proposals have been shot down in the past.... :)

Billy ONeal
Billy ONeal
June 27, 2011 03:23 AM

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