Can we make /suggested-edits an actual page?

by waiwai933   Last Updated July 11, 2019 20:24 PM

Currently, /suggested-edits/ID links us to an individual suggested edit record for posterity and allows us to audit our fellow users' work.

With that in mind, could we make /suggested-edits a page in and of itself. We could have it list the fifty most recent suggested edits, something like the following:

ID    Post                        Editor      Reviewer      Decision
123   What is my name?            (anon)      Jeff Atwood   Rejected
122   What is 42?                 user100000  Joel Spolsky  Accepted
121   What is Stack Exchange?     user100000  Community     Accepted (Improved)

This way, we can make it really simple to see what the most recent suggested edits were. (I wouldn't support putting it in /tools, since it's already public info if you manually modify the URL).

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That page actually already exists, but it's beyond even putting it in /tools -- it's only available to mods:

Screenshot of the UL edit suggestion dashboard

As you said, it's already public info, so I think moving it to /suggested-edits makes sense

Michael Mrozek
Michael Mrozek
March 11, 2011 04:32 AM

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