Can phone icon be used to represent "Contact Us" by email/chat

by DasBeasto   Last Updated August 03, 2015 17:07 PM

First of all I must say I don't intend this to be an "Icon Suggestion" question, but if it is seen as that I will close it. I think it will be general enough that it could help others and isnt too localized.

I'm working on a website that will have a couple navigation links on the homepage, one of which is Contact Us. These links will be icons with labels under them specifying what they stand for, so in this case an icon on top with "Contact Us" under. The website is a more minimalist artistic website than a strictly utilitarian site, UI definitely is important here. For that reason I think a nice icon of a rotary phone would fit much better on this page than a simple envelope or something indicating an email. However, there is no phone number on the contact page, it is only email and chat. So my question is:

Can phone icons represent contact pages effectively even if phone isn't one of the available contact methods. Or, is it counter-intuitive and will cause users to become confused when clicking on the phone and seeing no number?

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