Calculating confidence intervals and p values for odds ratio in CLMM2 (R)

by jjcii   Last Updated July 12, 2019 07:19 AM

I have recently conducted an ordinal logistic regression using the clmm2 function of the ordinal package in R. I have been able to successfully derive the odds ratios for my predictors by exponentiating their respective betas. However, I am unsure as how to now obtain the confidence intervals and p values for these ORs. Typically I would use the tab_model function from the sjPlot package or the fixef method commonly used with glmer models, however, it appears neither can handle objects of the clmm or clmm2 class.

I noticed a very similar question was posed but remained unanswered several months back (my output is quite similar to that presented therein). Any thoughts or suggestions would be extremely helpful.

Much appreciated; thanks.

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