c++ Generic space filtering exploit prevention

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so currently I am making a game that has the functionality to grab specific info from the host site. The issue is I am not sure if exploiters could get around my space check (which would let exploiters change header data), Here is my check currently in c++

   char* siteaccess = aaa.get();
    for (size_t i = 0; i < aaa.length(); ++i)
        if (aaa[i] != ' ')
            *siteaccess = aaa[i];

currently I could not bypass the check myself so I think I am safe. But I am also a novice at c++ so I believe there is a way around it. I would like to figure out any potential workarounds before my game goes public, If this can be exploited please provide an example(this will help me fix it). Thanks!

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Answers 1

This check basically will check for U+0020 (white space). There's no way that you can bypass that unless your code possibly had a flaw and added U+0020 to it. Hope this helps!

Arutha RBXL
Arutha RBXL
November 09, 2018 00:25 AM

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