Brainstorm: GPS data logger that records events each time the user enter specific locations

by Lima   Last Updated July 17, 2017 16:22 PM

I want to put an idea in action but I don't have the background knowledge yet to figure the whole plan so I'm needing some tips from the experts.

I need to have something that records and show me the date and time when a vehicle(with a GPS data logger) enter in specific locations. The vehicles will do it several times so I imagine it showing a spreadsheet with the columns: "Vehicle ID; Location (ex: Deposit, Store); Date; Time". Is there anything out there that already do it? Otherwise, what do I need to learn and use to do it.

My guess is that I can achieve it with a GPS Data Logger sending this data to a Postgres database and will demand some SQL programming skills.

Am I too far? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. It's for a family business.


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