Blender won't copy pose in dope sheet and mirror paste it

by Bpbutcher   Last Updated July 11, 2019 23:15 PM

So I'm making a walking animation, I got half of the cycle figure out, and just want to mirror the first half to create the second. How ever when I try to copy the third keyframe and flip paste it, I get these stupid glitches. First, when I pressed Ctrl+C it won't copy to buffer. So I have to go into the pose menu to tell it too. Then when I tell it to flip paste, it will only paste the previous pose I copied and flipped. I can't explain it better then that, only if I go back to my last save and start over it happens all over again when I try to copy and flip pose three. Here is the file, copy the pose at frame thirty, and try to x-flip paste in at frame seventy. If all goes like it does for me, it will glitch.

(Update) So I took one more stab to solve it and I found that if I copied the keyframes I wanted and normal paste them, it worked fine, its only when I x flip paste them that it goes wrong. Another thing that will have when I try to flip paste is it will paste a pose that is not the one I copied and infact don't have any poses like it in key frames

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