Bitcoin script execution unsuccessful

by Yoav Henig   Last Updated June 12, 2019 17:27 PM

I'm working my way through "Mastering Bitcoin".

The author made a transaction:


I tried to execute the transaction script (with the Unlock script in vout) in a Bitcoin Script online simulator: putting the current ScriptSig:

ScriptSig: PUSHDATA(72)[3045022100884d142d86652a3f47ba4746ec719bbfbd040a570b1deccbb6498c75c4ae24cb02204b9f039ff08df09cbe9f6addac960298cad530a863ea8f53982c09db8f6e381301] PUSHDATA(65)[0484ecc0d46f1918b30928fa0e4ed99f16a0fb4fde0735e7ade8416ab9fe423cc5412336376789d172787ec3457eee41c04f4938de5cc17b4a10fa336a8d752adf]

with the output script:

DUP HASH160 PUSHDATA(20)[7f9b1a7fb68d60c536c2fd8aeaa53a8f3cc025a8] EQUALVERIFY CHECKSIG

according the blockchain explorer.

I got "execution unsuccessful" even though i didn't figure out what's the problem. Apparently the op_EQUALVERIFY got failed.

enter image description here

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