Before/After unpaired study with control villages analysed in R

by Kristof Bostoen   Last Updated May 16, 2019 03:19 AM

For the implementation of a project, we have been following household access to services in two groups of villages, one an intervention group (I) and one a control group (C). Access as a Yes/No variable was collected before and after an intervention with an interval of five years. The sample of households in each group of villages can be considered random and self-weighted.

Given we have four variables as below:
I_before n=544 households
I_after n=547 households unpaired as it is difficult to find the same household back after 5 years

C_before n=253 households
C_after n=257 households unpaired as well

  • What type of analysis is recommended to establish the effect size in % points and
  • how to establish whether this change is statistically significant?
  • What preconditions of the data to check (if any, like e.g. normality) to ensure the validity of the used test.

How would the command in R look like to do the analysis using the above variable names?

Thanks a lot for any help

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