Beamer contextual citation in footnote

by Jared Lo   Last Updated April 16, 2019 04:23 AM

I want to produce the following format when citing on my slides using Beamer.

enter image description here

Right now I am producing this manually, but I want latex+bibtex to do this automatically. How can I achieve this?

My file looks like:

\setbeamertemplate{bibliography item}{[\theenumiv]}

\defbeamertemplate{footline}{center page number}
    \usebeamercolor[fg]{page number in foot}%
    \usebeamerfont{page number in foot}%
In addition, we provide guidance in the application of the method for experimental groups\cite{HarrisSongKiang2007,YuGuptaLiuEtAl2012,WedekindReguera2008}.     

\footnotetext{\tiny\hspace{-16.5pt}\cite{HarrisSongKiang2007} N. C. Harries et al., Phys Rev Lett., 99,2007\\  \cite{YuGuptaLiuEtAl2012} H. Yu et al., Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci.,109, 2012.\\ \cite{WedekindReguera2008} J. Wedekind and D. Reguera. J. Phys. Chem. B, 112, 2008.\\ }




enter image description here

I've tried Natbib and BibLatex with no success.

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