Backup Solution for BTRFS filesystem to another machine

by draco0068   Last Updated May 15, 2019 21:00 PM

So I have read a lot of articles here and have tried multiple solutions for this, so here is the breakdown.

Our old Netowkr Administrator partitioned several of our Linux machines with btrfs. I have been tasked on backing these up (used r1soft and shadow protect, does not support btrfs) and I cannot find a good solution. We have dozens of locations through the country so remotely would be best. But I have to get them to send to another machine that is in a different state. Below is our Mail Server that has PHP scripts that I cannot backup. Any Backup programs I can install on a Host (Manager) and then a client on the devices I need to backup and send them to the manager machine through CLI?

enter image description here

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