Backup data from android device (Xiaomi mi A2)

by Микола Чорний   Last Updated July 11, 2019 21:11 PM

I need to backup data from my android phone. OS is broken (unknown reason). see attached sreenshot I can't enter bootloader - device stucks. That's the only options I have Device is not rooted. I'm PHP developer but have no android skills. I already tried adb, but unsuccessfully:

  1. adb backup says "adb: unable to connect for backup: closed"
  2. adb shell says "error: closed"
  3. adb pull says "adb: error: connect failed: closed"

I can put ROM update via "adb sideload" but it says "update package is older than current build", as I have newest Xiaomi update I do not want to make hard reset before making a full data backup.

thanks for any help

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