Back propagation is done with each batch in a convolutional net, but is it also done with the validation set?

by SCool   Last Updated May 16, 2019 00:19 AM

It's my understanding that the weights are updated in a convolutional neural network with each evaluation of a batch.

But when the training data has been processed and it comes to predicting validation set at the end of an epoch, are the weights updated again using the validation error?

For example, is it something like this:

Epoch 1:

Batch 1 > Train > Evaluate > Update Weights
Batch 2 > Train > Evaluate > Update Weights
Batch N > Train > Evaluate > Update Weights

Validation Set > Predict > Evaluate > Update Weights

Epoch 2:

Batch.. etc etc

What I'm wondering is if the weights are also updated at the validation set stage above.

Thanks folks

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