Asterisk Siptrunk Registration with multiple numbers assigned

by Murat Yigit   Last Updated August 13, 2019 22:00 PM

I made a registration on my Asterisk in the sip.conf as following:

register => myusername:mypassword:[email protected]/720202020

So incomming calls works for 720202020, my question is can i add more numbers(DIDs) to the same register line? or do i need to dupilcate the line with the second number(DID) ?

Like this;

register => myusername:mypassword:[email protected]/720202020 register => myusername:mypassword:[email protected]/720202021

Maybe this is possible:

register => myusername:mypassword:[email protected]/720202020/720202021

Pls help me with this :) thanks in advance!

Tags : asterisk

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