Assigning rank in another sheet based on Average

by Lance Salmikivi   Last Updated June 13, 2019 11:03 AM

I have a list of names with an average beside it for every day Monday-Friday. A subgroup of names within this list will be highlighted. I want a macro to assign ranks of the highlighted individuals based on their average and place a value of their rank in a row of another sheet where each individual has a column. There is one row for each day.

Example. 5 people highlighted in a list of July 1st. Macro looks at other sheet (called Workbook) and finds row corresponding to July 1st. Then finds column corresponding to person with lowest average. Puts 1 in their cell. Repeats this with 2, 3, 4, 5. If 8 people highlighted would do this 1 through 8.

hope this makes sense

Tags : google-sheets

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