Arch drives changed and now boot isn't working

by Semi-Noob117   Last Updated October 10, 2019 03:01 AM

On my machine, I dual boot windows and linux. Originally, my drives were as follows:

/dev/sda5 = EFI
/dev/sda6 = swap
/dev/sda7 = root

Then somewhere along the line, my windows OS added a drive and moved everything so now it is like this

/dev/sda6 = EFI
/dev/sda7 = swap
/dev/sda8 = root

Now when I try and use my arch partition, it cannot load because it tries to boot into the original root partition, /dev/sda7 but it doesn't realize that it was moved to /dev/sda8. This is causing it to not work because it cannot recognize the swap filesystem. I can use the arch installation usb and mount the drives and interact with my files, but I want it to work on startup. Is there any way I can specify that I want to point to different drives somewhere for boot? I checked my fstab and the drives were there but they were still pointing to the right UUIDs from blkid. What can I do to fix this?

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