Android hotspot and Windows 10

by VarmintLP   Last Updated March 22, 2019 12:01 PM

Probably I'm too stupid for this or it's just impossible. So here is the story. Our company got new Dell Laptops (not my choice) and they are meaned for the use outside. Obviously someone needs to connect to some of our files and they need to use a VPN.

  • Connecting the laptop to a normal Wi-Fi, everything works.
  • Connecting the laptop to an iOS Hotspot, everything works.
  • Connecting the laptop to an android Hotspot, nothing what so ever works.

Most of the laptops with windows 10 we tried got this issue and somehow we managed to get it to work on a single Dell Laptop but still it got trouble to connect itself to one of the applications.

Does anyone know why windows 10 literally hates Android Hotspots or what I need to do to make the port available. As I mentioned earlier regular Wi-Fis and iOS hotspots got no issues. I really need help with this issue or ideas on how to solve this because me and my colleague are lost for words and can't find any solution to this issue anywhere.

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