Ampersand (&) in actual URL and sitemap

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I have a sitemap (which is submitted to google for indexing) in which I am adding URLs which have ampersand(&) in it. Since in sitemap '&' has to be escaped I replaced '&' with & in the URLs in sitemap. My actual page URLs contain just '&'. As I am new to google webmasters and SEO, I wished to understand if this difference of ampersand in URL and sitemap will cause any issue. Will my pages get indexed? This may seem noob level question because I am able to access the site after replacing '&' with '&' in the URL. But still any help on this front will be highly appreciated.

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The URLs you include in the sitemap must follow the RFC-3986 standard. As you can read in the Google official guide, & must be escaped with & so you are good to go.

Nevertheless, once you submit your sitemap through Google Searh Console you will be able to know if there is any problem with the URLs submitted.

Just in case, you should only include final URLs, that means that maybe there are some parameters you could avoid. For example:

 - (good one)
 - (remove this one)
September 19, 2018 06:40 AM

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