Algorithm errors and bad math environment delimiter

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I'm struggling a lot in writing the pseudo-codes in latex. Please review below two algorithms. In the document, the algorithms do look good apart from the highlighted part in the picture.

enter image description here

\caption{Incident Description and Text Separation}
\KwIn{Text file T of all the Incidents}
\KwOut{Short description and Updates of each Incident as a .CSV fIle \(c\).}
split T if line in T begins with `Incident:'\\
\For{\textup{each split of} \(e\) in T}
     Short description \Leftarrow \( \) Line starting with 'short\textunderscore description:'\\
     Updates \Leftarrow \( \) Line starting with 'sys\textunderscore mod\textunderscore count:'\\
\caption{Preprocessing the description field of each incident   \(i\)}
\KwIn{Short description of each incident \(i\)}
\KwOut{Preprocessed short descriptions to single strings.}
convert description of each incident \(i\) to lowercase\\
stopwords \Leftarrow \( \) repeatedly occurring words and person names\\
\For{\textup{each incident} i}
  \If{\textup{\textit{word }in short description} \in stopwords}{\textup{replace \(word\) with nothing}}
\textup{remove all special symbols \& characters}\\
\textup{remove all extra line \& word spaces}\\

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