After loading position with login module, page keeps refreshing

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I am making an web application with Joomla. It will be the only application that we will use for this site.

I work with jquery, jquery mobile. I am using my own template (based on Jq Mobile) and do not make use of the MVC.

Everything works fine except for one thing.

I have the following problem:

I have functions that will check the user state, the url, and then make a decision on what to show or load. One of the decisions is that the user is not logged in and will show a login form. For this I created a Joomla native login module and from php I will print a Joomla position that I specified in the login module configuration.

print '<jdoc:include type="modules" name="ln_login_pos" style="none" />';

What I get is a constantly refreshing page until the browser crashes.

I have tried the following:

Disabling all javascript files and found out it is a problem when jquery and jquery mobile is loaded together. When I load one or the other this problem does not occur. So I thought it would be a JQ conflict problem.

I tried several variations of jquery noconflict, and on several locations: after jquery and jqm loads, or later or sooner, or in between. It makes no difference.



I am working with all stable versions of Joomla, jquery jquery mobile.

So this solution does not work. I am looking for one that does.

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