Adding a View Block to a Basic Pace with Acquia

by BlondeSwan   Last Updated July 12, 2019 01:07 AM

I have been tasked with creating a new basic page that contains displays the content of some new content type. So far, I have created the Basic Page, and I also created a new view block (i.e. I went to structure->views and added a new block.)

Now I need to display this view block on the Basic Page I created. From my (little) understanding of Drupal, I believe I need to add a line like so:

<div class="transparency-view assessments-view">
    <?php echo views_embed_view('my_view_block', 'block'); ?>

to my basic page's template file located in sites/all/themes/mytemplates/node--12516.tpl.php.

However, this project is hosted on Acquia and I am unsure about how to get that file down to edit it (if it exists).

How can I pull down these types of changes with Acquia? Or am I going about this all wrong? How am I suppose to add a View Block to a Basic Page?

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