A Detectable Splash Potion

by The Idiot Gamer   Last Updated April 16, 2019 02:14 AM

For context, I am creating a MOBA-style game within Minecraft, and there are a lot of different potions used within the game, each with their own unique effects.

Instead of using the in game potions, I am using potions that are supposed to have a custom data tag, so a Command Block can detect them, and execute a chain of corresponding commands. (This is to have potions that will only affect one team, instead of anyone).

Note: When the potion nears the ground, it activates the command chain at that location within the arena. I have already figured that out.

Here's where the problem that's been giving me trouble is.

The Repeating Command Block that's made to detect the Splash Potion with the custom tag, does not seem to be able to detect it. Here's what I've tried so far to get it to work (this is a test, tag is 123)

First, here's what I used to get the Testing Potion:

/give @s minecraft:splash_potion{Tags:["123"]}

And here's what the Command Block to detect the potion (for testing) has had:

/execute if entity @e[type=minecraft:potion,tags=123]

/execute if entity @e[type=minecraft:potion,nbt={Tags:["123"]}]

I have even tried things such as the custom potion colour, but nothing is able to trigger the Command Block.

Is there something I'm missing here? How can I make the Command Block acknowledge the potion with the custom NBT tags?

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