3D Model Polygons Optimization in Unity

by Regina Gainsbourg   Last Updated May 13, 2019 16:13 PM

Quite recently I started working with Unity, 3D modeling and all the rest. My task was to build a level in unity and record a video through the unity recorder - I do not make the game. I make a cut scene for video recording.

My problem is that due to lack of experience I did not know that the scene can be overloaded with a large number of models with a very large number of polygons. I did not do these 3d models myself. In general, I made quite a high level and placed a lot of these models there. in the end - the number of tris in the project, provided that all models are displayed - 237M and, accordingly, I can not record video (the camera should just fly through the tunnel).

Please advise optimization methods in the unity itself. I already know about occlusion culling and the LOD system, the Simplygon plugins for Unity and Mesh Simplify.

I also began to study the DOTS system and the new project for Unity 2019 Megacity - there are hundreds of models and statistics show ~ 200-300k tris with a huge scene load. Maybe there is an option to transfer my models to this project? Will their optimization system apply to my models and solve the problem?

And another point - from the very beginning, I did a project on a computer with an RTX2060 video card and in general I feel comfortable working in a project even if all the models were displayed. Now I do not have the opportunity to work on that computer and I work on i7 / GTX970. In this regard, I have difficulties.

I apologize for the stupidity of my question, I understand that I must separately open each model in the 3D editor and reduce the number of polygons, but I need to make this scene as soon as possible.

I will be glad to any advice and again apologize for my incompetence.

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