24v output from two 12v batteries in series, charge them with 12 volts in parallel

by Ata Mohammadi   Last Updated July 11, 2019 20:25 PM

I have a solar charge controller which can charge 12volts batteries. I have two 12 volt batteries which are connected in parallel. I need to have 24volts output without using dc-dc step up converters. Can I connect two 12 volt batteries in both parallel and series? like first having a parallel then having a series connection with some Diodes to control the current/voltage flow. Is it possible? are there some best practices?

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On the face of it, not really unless you use switches to take the batteries offline while you charge them.

Now if you can use 2 chargers, and the chargers have a floating (ungrounded) output, you could connect each one across each battery. If the batteries are to be kept online ensure that the charger has current limiting and reverse-current blocking.

July 11, 2019 20:16 PM

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