2.8 proportional edit

by Derek Baker   Last Updated July 12, 2019 00:15 AM

hey guys so i love using the proportional edit when moving vertices around on a project that i have already sub divided. that way everything still keeps , you know.. the proportional shape that i am looking for. I have recently come across a problem in blender 2.8 its not a bug as far as i know.. something in the settings just isnt allowing the prop.editing to do anything ..

I.E: I select one vertex, move it hoping that the surrounding vertices will follow proportionally. what happens though is that no proportional editing takes place what so ever. the only vertex that move is the selected vertex.

I read in a previous post that the mouse wheel adjusts the proportional radius, but mouse wheel is just for zoom in/out as far as i know.

if anyone has a solution i will be for ever grateful.


Tags : modeling editing

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